Solids souples, Art021 shanghai, by SIMULACRA, 2022

Ghost show, Copeland parks, London, 2022
Curated by Kavitha balasingham and Rory beard
Photo: @gilliesadamsonsemple

London grads show, Saatchi gallery, London, 2021

Physcial distancing, Eletrowerkz, London, 2021

Solitude Fantasy, Online, 2021

Solitude Fantasy, Arles photo festival, Arles, 2021

Access, Deptford X, London, 2021

Accidenting - GoldCSSA, Online,  2020

Home Museum, Lagos Photo Festival, Online, 2020

VRdays, The Laval World, Online, 2020

Fine esquire Magazine, China, 2020

New horizonts, Coast gallery, Zhuhai, 2018

The coming comunity, Crypt gallery, London, 2017

Arles photo festival, Arles, 2016