3140 x 2160, 720 degree
139 seconds

Marienbug is a VR animation, the name was adapted from Last year in Marienbad. It is a contextual reconstruction of a historical event which does not exist. 'Bug' is the protagonist of the journey narrative, the images are displayed as the surveillance camera switches. The dystopian imagination places us directly into a terrifying world, alerting us of the danger that the future holds if we do not recognize its symptoms in the present. It is an architectural dystopia; there is no specific architectural indication and cannot distinguish its historical and cultural origins by designing these geometrical shapes with a unified yet evolving vocabulary. They can create a framework for the narrative that sparks people to understand it as a unified tale. Most importantly, the fictional city will represent an integration of the illusionist painting and the motionless ritual of violence and representation, where our relationship to this landscape defines us.