3140 x 2160, 720 degree
139 seconds

Marienbug is a VR animation project, the name was adapted from a novel by Alan Robbe- Grillet: Last year in Marienbad. Marienbad means a place which does not exist and somehow relevant to a historical event. Meanwhile, the event is not commemorated by history. When I was in high school, I viewed Tian'an men square crackdown through the extranet, which is my first moment of questioning the totalitarianism and information management. 'Bug' is the protagonist of the journey narrative, the images are displayed as the surveillance camera switches. The dystopian imagination places us directly into a terrifying world alerting us of the danger that the future holds if we do not recognize its symptoms in the present.
June 4th,1989 was a turning point in the political history of the 20th century. If it had not happened, the Berlin Wall would not have fallen five months after June 4th; it would not lead to the collapse of one-party rule in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In China, it leds to the voluntary abandonment of the planned economy by the communist regime and the opening of the door to the collapse of public ownership and the development of the private economy. June 4th Movement is the most significant and most far-reaching Democratic and student movement in modern and contemporary Chinese history. The cause of the June 4th Movement was the fight against corruption and the demand for greater civil liberties.

June 4th, 2019, will mark the 30th anniversary, and 30 years on, the will to expand civil liberties remains unfulfilled. The control of online speech, the control of publishing speech, and the denunciation and reporting of 'Internet red guards' have become even more severe than in the past. In the madness and darkness of George Orwell's <<1984>>, a high degree of totalitarianism is imposed to change history. By changing language, breaking families and other extreme means of clamping down on people's thoughts and instincts. A telescreen' with surveillance and wiretapping functions is used to control people's behaviour, to maintain society's functioning through personality cults of leaders and hatred of enemies at home and abroad. People have no right to have privacy, and everyone is under surveillance, whether it is images, sounds, or subtle expressions. Hatred and fear keep all the people in Oceania in the novel in a state of desperate battle. Dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction will be cleaned up, "be vaporized".

Marienbug is a contextual reconstruction of a historical event of totalitarian tyranny (Tian'an men crack down) that will take place in our future -- the day when the ecosystem becomes fully digital. We are still unable to free ourselves from the aggressive control from governments. It is an architectural dystopia, a place of calm and crisis; there is no specific architectural indication and cannot distinguish its historical and cultural origins by designing these geometrical blocks with a unified yet evolving vocabulary. They can create a framework for the narrative that encourages people to understand it as a unified tale. Most importantly, they will represent an integration of the illusionist painting and the motionless ritual of violence and representation, where our relationship to this landscape defines us.