Meet Wraith

Ongoing documentation project related to  Wraith .

Feature documentary film produced and directed by Uchercie

Wraith is a night club dedicated to transgressive performance, fetish, music and fashion to a soundtrack of new developments in goth, industrial and dark techno. Founded in 2019 by Parma Ham, the night was born out of a desire to provide a platform for creatives of all disciplines who have a penchant for the dark, macabre and fetishistic. Wraith has since blossomed into a vibrant creative community that fosters collaborations and has provided hedonistic new space for fashion presentations, film screenings, theatre, performance, poetry, exhibition, ritual, and live music.
Text by Parma.ham

Image credits o live performance  on 18 Feb at Electrowerkz_

@hazel_bannister melika.o.o.o.o.oooo

Performance concept:

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