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Meet Wraith

2021 - Ongoing

A documentary Feature film related to Wraith produced and directed by Uchercie.

Wraith is a night club dedicated to transgressive performance, fetish, music and fashion to a soundtrack of new developments in goth, industrial and dark techno. Founded in 2019 by Parma Ham, the night was born out of a desire to provide a platform for creatives of all disciplines who have a penchant for the dark, macabre and fetishistic. Wraith has since blossomed into a vibrant creative community that fosters collaborations and has provided hedonistic new space for fashion presentations, film screenings, theatre, performance, poetry, exhibition, ritual, and live music.
Text by Parma ham

This project explores the alternative living philosophies, identity editing, queer economy and universal humanities from the lens of bio-political and sociology. It unveils the post-capitalist desire and dilemma, empowering subjectivity and autonomy, and exploring the power dynamics between individuals and the environment.  
Text by Uchercie

Meet Wraith is an experiment in navigating shadows of the subversive realm, magnifying the primal, cacophonous, hedonistic, and blasphemous shades of human existence. Driven by a bio-political and sociological lens, it dissects the cathartically resurrective powers of dark performance.

Meet Wraith delves into the underbelly of transgressive avant-garde communities and nocturnes within London, exposing the intricacies of a queer artistic economy within the confines of goth and punk scenes. It traces a narrative mosaic transcending boundaries of nightclubs and subcultures, touching on universal themes of freedom, augmented humanity, and the relentless pursuit of liberation from our capitalist chains.

A chaos experiment which chronicles personal narratives amongst the complexities of gender euphoria and identity politics, providing a nuanced perspective on the evolving landscape of becoming post-human. The work casts a perceptive stance on the ever-changing panorama of life beyond late capitalism, all the while questioning the possibility of a more uncensored and empathetic future.

Meet Wraith acts as a crucible dedicated to concepts of the duality of wraith and fragility within the soul. The modification of self-perception then becomes a tool for accentuating our vulnerabilities, and weaponizing them towards radical self-acceptance. Wraith’s overtones of inclusivity, acceptance, and diverse identities evolved organically into a nucleus of multidisciplinary collaborations within an organismic community extending far beyond the world of the night club itself.

Meet Wraith plunges into the depths of modern ritualization techniques encapsulated in the goth scene, and their functions in post-capitalist societies. Where the cavernous, unfiltered, and empathetic facets of human existence may find room to perpetuate itself.

Text by Alaa Yussry