Plague game

2021 Live performance + video documentation 

Schoolgirls do their homework & lift their skirts to get vaccinated The video from our performance act at the 2nd edition of Judgement Hall X Chronic Illness , The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan 2021

Plague Game involved a group of participants in a video game simulation of pandemic, projected onto their bodies. Infantilised by elements of schoolgirls’ uniforms, they forced each other to restrain procedures that visualised relations of administrative contagion between them.

Text by Fung Neo
Act by Aliceex, Mis Saigo, Trojanovskx, Fung Neo
Direction by Fung Neo & Aliceex
Video concept/camera opertion/Editing by Uchercie Tang
Camera B by Lilly Clements
Sound composition by Trojanovskx


The 2nd edition of Judgement Hall X chronic Illness in 2021 March

‘Physical Distancing’ exhibition at  Elektrowerkz by Parma.Ham in 2021 Sep

h.Artlane gallery on 2021 Oct 15

Part of event for the premier of PASIPHAE film by Ron Athey & Hermes Pittakos at Keramikou 28 Athens (Greece) on 2021 October 28